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Panarottis Ballito Junction
Dolphin Coast

087-808 9740
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Shop 226A Regional Mall
Leonara Drive
Dolphin Coast
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Restaurant Reviews:

- Nokulunga Ngobese | 07 May 2024

Awesome venue!

- robert pennells | 29 Mar 2024

The food, atmosphere, views and staff👌🏾✨

- Sinoxolo Ndlovu | 14 Dec 2023

If you are in love with your xs and you broke with your xs the Solution of your problem �

- Lovelyn Harris | 25 Apr 2023

@Panarottis Ballito Junction My absolute favorite go to breakfast spot. As you can see from the pics definitely more than 1 visit this past month actually like 3 or 4 times already, as my kids, family and myself are beeeg on breakfasts😅😁 This is one establishment that has been consistently perfect for me 10/10 with how I like my eggs done, that thatha's sauce and the accompaniment of the chilli, cheese and garlic. Me being Indian those sides are the bomb 💣. Also due to the spectacular Durban heat for drinks we got these jars they have like mock tails for myself and 2 kids the small jar is ample but also available in 1lt options, the flavors are super refreshing and thisrt quenching strawberry 🍓 was the ultimate favorite then apple and litxh however I am certain there are 2 more flavors😁 I initially began to write this review to thank the manager that was in duty Friday morning not sure his name😕 as we had a hosp appointment at 8 and was in the mall by 8.30 kids wanted breakfast. I entered not realizing they open from 9🙄🤔. The customer service I got was mind blowing, I was seated and told no worries you can order mam we got you, no waiters in site but the chefs and management was there and he had personally served me from beginning till I left even once the staff came in duty he continued to assist. Thank you so much, sometimes it's the little things that make a huuuge difference so greatful for impeccable customer service 💯💯 Please give this branch a try, the staff are amaaaazing, the food is Devine and the price is definitely well worth it especially if you on a budget 👌

- Melanie Melissa Govender | 13 Dec 2022

I enjoyed my my tea and my alcohol free drink 🍸. I don't know if the menu for vegetarian will be more than one. I will be there more often but at the moment what i saw there is not much to choose from. I enjoyed my pasta.

- Vanitha Ramloo | 26 Jun 2022