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Is Panarottis Halaal?

Contact number for Panarottis?

What time does Panarottis close?

Is Panarottis open for sit-down?

Are there vegetarian and vegan options available?

Do you offer gluten-free pizza and pasta options?

Are nutritional information and allergens listed for your menu items?

Do you have a kids' menu?

How can I provide feedback or make a complaint?

I’d like to review my restaurant or takeaway experience. Where can I do this?

Home Ordering - Delivery

Is Panarottis on Mr D Food and Uber Eats?

Does Panarottis deliver?

App Ordering - Collection

How do I order online order via the App?

Will I get notified of my order status?

Can I edit my order after applying/redeeming vouchers?

Can I view my past orders?

Can I view my active order progress or status?

Loyalty & App

How can I change my personal details?

Why do I exit the app when I register or log in?

I was previously a Panarottis Rewards member. Why do I need to register again and what happened to my vouchers and points?

How do I delete my profile?

What will I be notified about?

I’m having trouble using the app, who do I contact?

I’m loving the app and want to give feedback, who can I send this to?

How do I sign up to be a loyalty member?

Who is eligible to join?

What are the advantages of becoming a loyalty member

Gift Vouchers

How long is a eGift Voucher valid for?

How do I check the balance on my eGift Voucher?


How do I scan my bill to earn points?

Can I scan to pay?

Why must I scan the bill?

Can I scan to redeem a voucher?

Will I have to link my credit/debit card again if I want to order using click and collect?

Can I add more than 1 credit card?

Can I remove my saved credit card?


How much is a Panarottis franchise?

How do you go about enquiring to buy a Panarottis franchise?