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We are so excited to be serving you again. We've increased the ways you can order your favourite Panarottis dishes.

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Did you know that you can have your plant based meals at Panarottis. So, whether you are vegan or vegetarian, you can enjoy our vegan friendly pizza or wheat, egg & gluten free pizza base at one of our restaurants in Walmer Park. As one of the best restaurants in Port Elizabeth, we offer a variety of Italian Inspired meals, bring your family today.

Panarottis Walmer Park
Port Elizabeth

041-368 2629
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Shop 52 Walmer Park Shopping Centre
Main Road
Port Elizabeth
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Restaurant Reviews:

Pizzas were very good again. Had one or 2 dissapointing meals there with burnt crust and very sparse toppings. This time was very pleasant though. Would be great if the waitrons could maybe just give one 5min to sit and open the menu before pouncing on one for orders.

- Daniel Rupp | 07 Dec 2022

- Andy Choo | 29 Oct 2022

- Zininzi Mankahls | 28 Oct 2022

Leo the lion was absolutely amazing, I enjoyed the pizza Definitely coming again. 😊

- Makoma DonationsDrive | 03 Nov 2022

Leo was amazing, absolutely had a great experience. Will come again for the food and service.

- Ashwari Bansee | 03 Nov 2022

We would like to thank Panarottis Walmer Park, their waiters, manager and owner! Our school had their outing there today, and they went out of their way for us and our special children. Thank you for your beautiful hearts, and kindness on how you have treated our children today. They had so much fun building their own pizza, and eating it. They couldn't stop talking about how nice it was making their own pizza's. The pizza's was really good an tasty! We all enjoyed our time there. Thank you 🌸 🙌

- Shana-Lee van As | 03 Nov 2022