We are so excited to be serving you again. We've increased the ways you can order your favourite Panarottis dishes.

How to order Panarottis
Select which platform you would like to use to place your order online or call us directly to place your order:


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We may have answered your question already. Have a look below:

Does Panarottis have a daily special?

Yes, our Big Breakfast deal for R54.90 is available every day, until 11am. Read more about our specials here:

Does Panarottis offer all you can eat?

We replaced it with The Big Monsterito Thursdays. Read more about our specials here:

Does Panarottis offer delivery?

Yes, from selected restaurants. Find a restaurant that delivers here:

Is Panarottis on Mr Delivery & UberEats?

Yes, selected restaurants only. Check here for Mr D Food: and Click here for UberEats:

Does Panarottis provide pasta takeaway?

Yes, we do. View our delizioso pastas on our menu:

How to order Panarottis pizza online?

Go to this page and choose from the many options to order your favourite meals.

How do I contact the call centre?

You can call or email our call centre. 

Customer care: 086 000 7262 

Email:[email protected]

How do I enquire about franchise opportunities?

Please complete the form on our website.

How do I replace my Panarottis Rewards card?

When you are at the restaurant, you can request for this to be done by the waitron. The waitron will contact Panarottis Customer Care to confirm your previous Panarottis Rewards Card is blocked and to then link your new card to your profile.

You will need to give your waitron the following information: 

  • Your name and surname

  • Date of Birth

  • Panarottis Rewards Card number (new number to be linked) 

  • Cell number and email address

How many vouchers do I have?

You can log o‌nto the Panarottis Rewards App to view your rewards vouchers and points balance.

How do I redeem a voucher?

As soon as you've accumulated 5000 points, a R50 Panarottis Rewards voucher will be automatically loaded onto your profile, which you can use to enjoy a meal at your favourite Panarottis restaurant. 

  • Hand your Panarottis Rewards Card to your waitron and inform him/her that you would like to redeem your Panarottis Meal Voucher. 

Or, if you have a Digital Profile and would like to redeem your Panarottis Rewards Voucher, follow these easy steps: 

  • Log o‌nto your account via the Panarottis Rewards App

  • Decide which vouchers you want to redeem. 

  • Write your Panarottis Rewards membership number onto you bill slip and hand it to your waitron, informing them of the voucher/s you would like to redeem. 

  • The membership number is then entered at the till point and used by the waitron to redeem your voucher/s and discount your bill. 


Please note the following: 

  • Points or Panarottis Rewards Vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash or used to tip waitrons. 

  • Vouchers may only be redeemed by the registered owner of the profile. 

  • A Voucher may only be claimed if the bill total equals or exceeds the voucher value. 


What are my membership details?

Please contact the call centre and have the following information ready: Name and surname, date of birth, cell number and/or email address. 

How do I register for Panarottis Rewards?

You can register for a Digital Profile or visit any Panarottis and ask your waitron for a Panarottis Rewards Application Leaflet that contains a physical card. The Panarottis Rewards App that can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple Store.


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